Contemporary fine art

About kea
Thank you, for your visit. You have given me a gift and I am very grateful.
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am kea, pronounced key.
I was born in 1962, with very little right hip and no left. I wore a body cast for a year and braces, for many more.
Because of my "supposed" immobility my mom continually told me, "You're an artist." She provided materials the best she could, within the confines of our poverty.
We spent at least three days a week at the library, where I was allowed to explore any topic I chose. My favorite was philosophy. The books contained large beautiful pictures and spoke of great ideas dreamed and sometimes accomplished.
So, in the second grade, when the teacher had each class attendant stand and declare what they were going to be, when they grew up, I stood proudly and professed, "I will be a great philosopher." The teacher actually choked, on her laughter and of course the class chimed in. I didn't understand what was so funny. She finally said, "We don't really do "that" anymore dear. Why don't you pick something else." This made no sense to me. I knew what philosophy meant. Frustrated and embarrassed I responded, "I will be an artist" and quickly sat down.
I knew there was much more to life than, what we experience in, the physical realm. I had been speaking to Divine Creator, angels, guardians and guides my whole life. My earliest memory I was four. It was natural. The only reason this memory stands out is because of my mom's emotional reaction, when she asked me whom I was speaking with. I was laying out in the front yard, staring at the stars, having a talk with Divine Creator. She asked me how I could hear God and I told her within, you just listen. Much later in my life I found out that conversation lead her to begin her own journey, of researching the Spirit Realm.
By the fourth grade, when classes are broken up and you have six different teachers a day,  gym being one, I was assigned two art classes and one of them was always with kids much older, which gave me access to better materials. Hence my path was set.
I must say the art I create is a snapshot, of my passion to explore my conscious and our united consciousness; through a lifetime of prayer and meditation. Apparently my mom was given an experimental drug while pregnant and I was the outcome. I spent a lot of time in the hospital and sported a lot of casts. I was a sickly child, with horrendous allergies. This is why I didn't spend much time in school. The library was my school. A wonderful place, of exploration, where my body didn't limit me and everyone was really nice. I knew they just pitied me, but I was thankful anyway. I have been sculpting my body my whole life, along with my conscious. I became a Minister, in 1995, when I returned from my year abroad. If you would like to know more check out the blog. Thank you again and have a fascinating day.