Active Meditation

Current offerings

Current offerings

In this "time", of great upheaval I am offering Private Spiritual Guidance.
We can meet and I will give counsel. We are all deathing the end of a Great Cycle and each of us are gestating and birthing a new one. On a collective conscious level we are deathing the angsting teenager and becoming responsible adults. There are many that refuse to leave the basement and cling to the old victim mentality. They wish to stay in the "dark". They have free choice and we must honor their choices, as we learn to stand strong, in our choice, to become the Divine Spirits we are. These private sessions are by donation or trade according to your abilities. I am also starting a small group counsel guidance class of, The Way of the Wise. The focus is on Holding the Light Within the Womb of Conscious. Cleansing and Clearing our Inner Sanctum. Planting and Nurturing our seeds of Intention. And Gestating and Birthing the New Cycle. This is a Circle of Eternal Wisdom. Please email me, if you hear the call and would like to participate.
Have a fascinating day, creating your reality!

Assets & Commodities

Assets & Commodities are Copper and Koa panels, with turquoise accents. Check out blog posts The Pivot and Go Long, for the creation process.


The "Elements" series are an active meditation. Each painting took over a year to paint. They are painted in the glazing method, with iridescent acrylic golds, coppers, whites and blues.
Forged In Fire 48x36 acrylic on canvas
Water Of Life 36x48 acrylic on canvas
Divine Creators Will moved through the deep still
waters their clarity uniting in a covenant Natural Law and the universal womb received the Light of Creators Will...

POP ON TOP Educible

This is a rough draft of a book I intend to publish as a hardback and digitally ?. My intention is the star, at the end, will be a mirror, with the reader reflected or a photo in the digital version.  I was contacted, in the middle of the night, by an angel and asked to write down what was said. At the end, of the dissertation, I was told to rewrite it, in my own words, for we are all Creators children. I admit I was taken aback and protested, my abilities. I was told I would know what to do. Many writings and edits later "Educible" came into being. If you are inclined to support me and wish to help see this creation published please contact me.

                                Your consciousness is by far the greatest exploration you shall ever endeavor to explore.   kea