Spiritual Art

Spirit Flight

This series "Spirit Flight" is a foundation. I am a visionary creator. When I meditate I "see" and "hear" our collective infinity. I journeyed through indigenous realms learning all I could, about our natural environment and my place within it. I was given invaluable teachings, about reverence and responsibility. You can learn all the knowledge in the world but, it is only words shared, until you apply it and experience your endeavors Wisdom can be experienced. I pray you meditate with them.
Ask them to guide you and allow Wisdom to show you who you are.
May your interaction serve you well.


I am the Great Owl
I dwell within your heart
Look through my eyes and you shall be illuminated
Fly with me in your dreams
and you shall learn
of Great Wisdom
Be still with me by day and know of my intellect
Let me rest upon your shoulder and I shall protect you from thyself


The lion taught me courage is taking responsibility The path has many challenges and is traversed alone but there is always a way through
Stand in the Light
In Reverence to Life
Love in your heart
Speaking Truth
and Courage becomes your shield


My surrender to Wholeness had become complete through the experience of courage And what appears insurmountable the Fiery Will of Great Spirit cleanses returning mere ashes to the Mother forever recycling her sustenance Creating anew I now understood Faith A bond unbreakable A knowing that all is perfect In Divine Creators realm


Countless journies and visions  continually lead me back to the Great Mystery of Creation Realizing the very path to Wisdom eturnally evolves for it is the journey itself by each individual that reflects the Nature of Reality


After a year long Vision Quest I returned to northwest america The energies of Cycles presented itself everywhere in everything Within and without spiraling up and down Expanding and contracting The very breath of Creation breathing the Will of Life into the womb of the universe Holy united creating all that is


Wisdom acrylic on linen 47 1/2 x 35 3/4 
Courage acrylic on canvas 53 1/2 x 53 1/2 
Faith acrylic on canvas 53 1/2 x 53 1/2 
Mystery acrylic on canvas 53 1/2 x 53 1/2 
Cycles acrylic on canvas 35 3/4 x 24 

These five paintings were painted over a five year period 1990-1995
All five have been cleaned and freshly repainted